Utilizes Bootstrap 4.0 and has Sass structure compiling the CSS which enables fast white label conversion.
Wire-frame stage, tons of ideas bouncing around
Mobile Design
Desktop Design
Landing Page
Visually enticing with clear call to action and a video to show top aspects of the game.
Login Page
Clean and Focused
Home Page
Dashboard of the site
Race selection
Allows the user to enter a race without having to jump to a separate page first which was how the legacy site worked
Horse Details Page
Profoundly updated with a dynamic and visual representation of training
Stable Page
Clean and more visually enticing while still showing all relevant information.
Sales Page
Far more concise and friendly, with a UX the enables fast confident purchasing  
Purchase Credits Page
Clean and simple, no distractions while giving easy to follow interaction flow
A Help Guide
Much more graphically enticing and break the wall of text into friendly focused packages.
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