Hi there, I’m Martijn

I wear hats, not ties. I open doors for ladies, bully around pixels. Enjoy exercise and training, but have a devout relationship with my couch. I live to design and my job is awesome, that’s it… no flip-side to it… to design is to create, to create is to be god-like, can’t seriously complain.
I'm a Product Designer with a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design (Validated internationally by WES), as well as accredited courses in User Experience Design and Digital Marketing.

I am continually improving my education and knowledge base, I have acquired a range of skills related to Product Design, from Web and App based Interface design wireframing to front-end development. Including auxiliary skills such as Motion Graphics and Digital Marketing.

I feel that in the current market, being able to utilise immerging technologies to execute new ideas is a must! Along with keeping a competitive edge in how users experience products, just as important are the business realities such as streamlining workflows and maximising the efficiency of the system to attain the goals of the product.
If you want to chat, I can easily be bribed with a cappuccino.
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